Q?What Area Does Driscoll Decks Service (Work)?
Driscoll Decks is located in Little Egg Harbor in Southern Ocean County (GSP Exit 58) and service Ocean County, Monmouth (north to Red Bank) and Atlantic County (south to Ocean City).
There is NO CHARGE for our Site Survey or a Proposal Fee in our normal work area, which is approximately a 50 mile drive from our office.
Exceptions *
* Taking into consideration, the increase price of gasoline, and related costs, we are encouraging our ‘out of area’ prospective-customers to consider the value of our expertise, time and travel expenses in preparing your proposal and will require a prepaid fee through PayPal.   BUT…



* Customers, who paid this prepaid fee, will receive a Double Refund of our Site Survey & Proposal Fee in our written Proposal and Agreement.

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Q?What Services Are Offered By Driscoll Decks?
We are Outdoor Entertainment Specialist.
We design and build custom decks, using a CAD design software to get your dream deck right on paper first, which will also give you an exacting Bill Of Materials (BOM) to ensure or prices are correct and competitive. We also design and install lovo accent lighting systems for your new deck, walkway(s) and backyard.
Driscoll Decks also designs and builds (and repairs) fiberglass decks for both residential and commercial applications.
As an adjunct to our deck building business we also offer:  (link-to-more)
Q?Will We Need a Building Permit?
A new custom deck will require a building permit from your local town building department, but be assured that Driscoll Decks will assist you in filing your permit application.
Most fiberglass deck repair work does not require a building permit, unless we are re-building the deck including the railings. The Inspector wants to make sure the new railings are installed to code: 200 lbs concentrated strength per infill (railing section between posts). Hardscape work does not require a building permit.
Q?What is the Building Permit Process?
As mentioned, Driscoll Decks will assist with your building permit application. Once a permit is issued, there are three (3) inspections by the building department:
  1. An open hole inspection, is to assure that the post or footing holes (later filled with concrete) are the proper dept and width. Driscoll use 6 x 6 p/t wood for our structural posts (columns) which require a minimum 12″ concrete footing
  2. An open framing inspection, is to assure that the substructure has used pressure-treated lumber, been securely nailed-off and properly built using the right compatible galvanized hardware such as post standoffs, ledger locks, joist hangers, hurricane clips, and framing angel brackets.
  3. A final inspection, is to assure that the new deck has been finished properly with decking boards, railings and stairs all installed according to the building codes. Once a final inspection has been approved, a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is issued.
Q?How Do We Get Started?


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